Dear family and guardians:

I am sharing an update on ever-changing COVID-19 rules from the federal and state government.

Some good news! We are now allowing you to visit your loved ones in their rooms or in designated areas from 1 to 7 p.m. every day. Because we are required to manage the number of visitors in our facilities, you must call and make an appointment to visit. Residents can have two visitors at a time. (Yes, you can switch out visitors so all can see their family member).

New guidelines allow fully vaccinated visitors and residents to meet face-to-face without face masks. You can also have physical contact if both parties have been vaccinated. If the resident or visitor hasn’t received the COVID-19 vaccine, you must wear a mask at all times and avoid physical touch. Violations of this policy will result in cancellation of your visits. A reminder: Make sure you check in at the main entrance to be screened and registered.

Thank you for your patience throughout this horrible year-and-a-half of this pandemic. Restrictions were placed and implemented to protect the safety of our residents and staff. I am please to say not one Shirkey resident passed from the active COVID-19 virus. Sadly, many area nursing homes experienced losses.

A big thank you to my staff for their hard work and diligence during this time. Hopefully, we will continue to get closer to the way things used to be as more people continue to get vaccinated.


Chris Brown, Administrator